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Mission & Vision

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Meet Our Team

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Where Dreams Meet Design

Established in 2016, PHD Posh Home Design specializes in the art of transforming spaces into cherished homes. Our mission is to craft spaces where homeowners find rest, enhance productivity, and graciously welcome guests. We take pride in creating timeless designs that prioritize your distinct needs over passing trends.

Honest and Transparent Pricing

At PHD Posh Home Design, we offer straightforward solutions tailored to your needs. No hidden fees. No unnecessary extras. No rigid vendor restrictions. Experience homeownership on your own terms.

Turning Dreams into Reality

At PHD Posh Home Design, we thrive on bringing your imaginative ideas to life. We embrace the challenge of exploring new design styles and are committed to revising our concepts until they meet your complete satisfaction.

Your Voice Matters

At PHD Posh Home Design, we are eager to listen to your dreams, ideas, and aspirations. Let us know if our suggestions should align with your vision. Inform us if future maintenance or repairs are necessary. We're here to listen and serve.

Committed to Your Vision

With decades of experience in the interior design industry, our team is always eager to embrace fresh design styles, tackle new challenges, and welcome passionate individuals who share our dedication to beautiful and functional design.

Limitless Creativity
Attention to Detail
Sharp Technical Proficiency
Wide Network of Vendors
Adaptability in Problem-Solving
Effective Time Management
Attentive Customer Service
Openness to Ideas

Realise Your Dream Home

From conceptualization to construction and ongoing maintenance, we’ll lead you through every step in preparing your dream house.